I received Bonjour Girl by Isabelle Lafleche from Dundurn Press in exchange for an honest review! The synopsis sounded cute and I don’t read a lot of contemporary about the fashion world so thought it would be an interesting read! The cover is also very bright and pretty and drew me in. Bonjour Girl will be released August 25th, 2018!

{Synopsis from Goodreads}

Dating, fashion, and drama: Clementine never has a dull day at the Parsons School of Design.

When Clementine Liu arrives in New York City to study at the Parsons School of Design, she knows that she’s found
her place. It isn’t long before she meets her fashionista soulmate, the loud and charismatic Jake, and Jonathan, a dreamy fashion photographer who turns her world upside down.

Between schoolwork and glitzy fashion shows, Clementine launches a blog, Bonjour Girl, and her wit, originality, and flair quickly catapult the site to cult status. Unfortunately, this comes with a price: Clementine is faced with online abuse and public humiliation. In the midst of all the drama, she finds out that a classmate is not what she seems, and Clementine has to find a way to save both her reputation and Jake’s fashion collection.

First Impression

Okay first thing is first, I was actually interested in the fashion school aspect of this, hoping for a play by play of classes like when Harry goes to Hogwarts just because I was genuinely interested in what classes would be involved in Clementine’s course, however, there was very little to do with the actual school side of things. The plot was more heavily driven by a lot of personal drama instead and not to say there wasn’t anything to do with the fashion side of things I just would have liked more of it for my own genuine curiosity.

Clementine – Bonjour Girl

Clementine’s character was sweet, perhaps a little naive but also kind. I like that she wasn’t easily peer pressured and was able to showcase herself as a ‘bigger’ person despite trying to fit in and make friends. I think she’s a good role model for teens and has a fairly level head on her shoulders.

I wish there had been more details with Clementine’s blog- Bonjour Girl. What we did see- a sort of startup of her fashion blog and then some quick overnight success. This- I had a problem with. I mean, I’m a blogger and I find it hard to believe that she would have had thousands of views for her first written post, maybe I’m wrong but it seems a bit unlikely. There were a few more successes like that throughout the book but I didn’t feel like it added too much to the story. I would have preferred her struggling a bit with her blog as most people do and figuring out how to overcome those kind of obstacles – like trying to get people to interview with you, or website logistics or figuring out how to boost views. I just felt like things came too easy for her in that regard and I would have preferred some struggle as it would have made it more realistic for me.

There was some romance in this story – Jonathon. This was also something Clementine stumbled upon early on in the story. It added something extra to the story and maybe some uneven tension between Clementine and her new friend from fashion school, Jake. However, the romance is sweet between Clementine and Jonathon and I liked this positive aspect of the story.

A large focus of the story was to do with some cyber bullying towards Clementine.

What I liked the most

It was a fast read and I liked the overall message of the story – Be classy, be kind and persevere your dreams!

Overall rating

***/5 stars!


Yes! To anyone who likes a good story where the protagonist stands up for themselves and doesn’t give in to peer pressure. Though it was very dramatic, it was still a fun read with a bit of insight to the fashion world and a tad bit of romance. The language is fairly PG but I would rate it more of a PG-13 read.

Will you read Bonjour Girl or have you read it? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading!

Paper Dreams Review on Bonjour Girl by Isabelle Lafleche

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